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Why Naturepak?

Naturepak is a group of young and ambitious people whose ultimate goal is to create a better tomorrow for Us and Our children. In the pace the world imposes on us today, ecology is not so much a choice as an obligation for everyone. Naturepak meets these challenges by offering a wide range of products in the field of ecological packaging and fillers.

Naturepak is also a team of enthusiasts in the field of packaging and logistics processes. We develop and provide ecological packaging solutions for every industry and every product. Our aim is that with Naturepak your products are packaged quickly, cheaply and ecologically.

Naturepak produces papers and packaging in Poland, which allows us to reduce costs and ensure the availability of products and the most favorable conditions of cooperation for our customers.

Naturepak’s strengths:
– free advice and development of the most favorable packaging methods
– possibility to test filling systems free of charge
– broad portfolio of ecological packaging
– fillers and packaging are produced in Poland
– professional and individual approach to your needs
– packaging solutions and products aimed at both large companies and start-up ecommerce customers

Naturepak’s mission is to make your packaging not only protect the products you ship well, but also look great and build brand recognition in full harmony with the environment. We aim to completely eliminate plastic from packaging used in ecommerce and logistics.

Let’s change the world together, start today and contact our representative who will get you on the green side of power.

Choose wisely, choose Naturepak!

Environmental responsibility

In a world where everything is disposable, recycling has become more important than ever. If it works, recycling allows companies and individuals to reuse used waste, rather than seeing it piled up in a landfill.
Unfortunately, today’s recycling processes are not as efficient as they should be. In fact, the percentage of recycled waste that actually gets recycled is both surprising and, frankly, worrying.

The brutal truth about plastic!

The world produces 400 million tons of plastic every year, but only 9% of it is recycled, while 91% of plastic accumulates in our ecosystem breaking down into highly hazardous microplastics.
As if that wasn’t enough, almost all of this plastic that is recycled is actually recycled second-hand, meaning that it becomes less and less useful each time it is recycled, until eventually it becomes so perishable that it can no longer be recycled properly.
National Geographic reports that by 2050, an estimated 12 billion tons of plastic will be sitting in landfills worldwide. By comparison, that number of plastic weighs about 35,000 times more than the entire Empire State Building.

Doesn’t this vision of the world scare you?

Paper – the only ecological solution!

Paper is one of the most environmentally friendly products. It is biodegradable and trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere as they grow. In addition, paper stores carbon throughout its life cycle.

Recycling paper conserves natural resources, saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Paper is the most recycled product. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 72% of all paper and cardboard waste is recycled each year. In 2018, approximately 46 million tons of paper were sent for recycling.

The biodegradability of the remaining 28% of the percentage of paper waste that does not get recycled is also very important. Biological organisms can break down natural products into basic compounds such as CO2, water and biomass. In the case of paper, this can take anywhere from a week to several months.

Be eco-responsible for Our Common Home and, together with Naturepak, switch to eco-friendly paper fillers and packaging.