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Packaging and cardboard boxes

At Naturepak you will find everything you need to pack your product safely and send it on its way. Our team of specialists will tailor the right solutions to your needs and individual preferences, equally in terms of the products to be shipped, their types, shape, weight and other important aspects in the packaging process. You can order all types of cardboard boxes from us, and we will make sure that the type of paint, layers and weight are matched to the products you are sending. With Naturepak you will ensure safe shipping by finding the best cardboard boxes.

Cartons and boxes for shipping

Cardboard boxes from Naturepak

  • Flap cartons – ideal for packing several different products, versatile and reliable.
  • Cut cartons – perfect for cosmetics, electronics, clothes and shoes.
    with automatic bottom – guarantee time saving during folding process and durability due to double bottom
  • Customized cartons – made for packaging and shipping specific products.
  • Printed cartons – we will create cartons with your company’s graphic design printed on them – this way you will take care of the aesthetic value of your shipments and the aspect of building a strong brand.
  • Cardboard boxes for parcel machines – tailored in size to individual parcel machine boxes.

Cartons for packaging products

Cartons are an indispensable product in many situations. They are fully eco-friendly, recyclable solutions. Our range has been designed to provide a constant supply of all types of cartons, including flap cartons for packaging, cut boxes in various sizes, cartons for InPost parcel machines, boxes for removals or decorative cartons for special occasions.

Take advantage of the availability of different types of cardboard boxes, produced in our factory to a specific size from selected paper types – such as Kraft, Semikraft or Testliner, as well as 3-layer, 5-layer and 7-layer corrugated cardboard in different waves. Custom sizes for shipping any items are also not a challenge for Naturepak. Need printing for better visual identification of your brand? No problem! We will take care of your printing on the cartons, respecting the environment.

Naturepak cartons and boxes

  • cartons for parcel machines
  • packaging for postal vending machines
  • cartons and flap boxes
  • boxes and case packs
  • mailing boxes for the e-commerce industry
  • custom printed boxes and cartons

Cartons for parcel machines

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Flap cartons

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Die-cut cartons

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E-commerce cardboard boxes

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Printed cartons

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