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Cartons for parcel machines – ecological shipment of products

Are you looking for cardboard boxes adapted in size and design to Polish InPost parcel machines? You have come to the right place – at Naturepak we will prepare for you boxes adapted to the size of individual parcel boxes. With us, you don’t have to worry that a given parcel will not fit into a parcel machine due to its size.

InPost and postal vending machines

At Naturepak, we focus on packaging for parcel machines and postal vending machines, while also taking care of the dimensions – A, B and C. Choosing cardboard boxes in the right size will not only allow you to take care of functionality and speed of shipping. The right size of cardboard box makes you reduce your shipping costs, while ensuring maximum safety of your products during transport.

Which boxes should you choose for parcel post?

If you are wondering what to pack, parcels sent via parcel machine or postal vending machines in, take advantage of the availability of standard flap boxes, automatic cartons or cut boxes. A selection of parcel boxes is available in all the sizes you need. The small boxes you will find in this category will work well for shipping toys, gifts, books, small accessories, electronics or cosmetics. On the other hand, the larger sized boxes can be used to ship white goods, household appliances, blankets, small furniture and furnishings. Do you want to take care of the visual identification of the cartons used for shipping? Have us print your selected cardboard boxes!

Cartons for InPost parcel machines and postal vending machines

  • Cartons for InPost parcel machines in dimensions A, B and C.
  • A storage dimensions – 8x38x64 cm.
  • B storage dimensions- 19x38x64 cm.
  • C storage dimensions- 41x38x64 cm.
  • Cardboard boxes for Post Office vending machines (60x47x37 cm).
  • FEFCO 201 flap cartons.
  • Die-cut cartons.
  • Automatic cartons ecommerce.

Cartons for parcel machines

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Die-cut cartons

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E-commerce cardboard boxes

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Printed cartons

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