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Folding cartons and boxes

Cut boxes are also known as die-cut packaging and can be used for the storage and transport of all kinds of items. The unquestionable advantage of cut boxes is that they are easy to seal, while at the same time they are a lightweight and robust packaging option at a low price. The tabs of the box seals ensure that the box can be closed quickly, protecting the contents during transport. Depending on their type, they have other uses – reinforced cardboard boxes can be used for transporting products without having to worry about their durability despite being transported through sorting plants and transfer stations.

Why should you choose a die-cut carton?

Cut cardboard boxes are a unique type of packaging and require less tape to assemble – the bottom of cut cardboard boxes is full and does not need to be sealed as with flap cardboard boxes. Die-cut cartons, also known as self-folding boxes, provide a high level of convenience when preparing shipments for transport. Folding cartons can become a perfect business card for a company, due to their personalization by placing visual identification elements on them.

Cut cardboard boxes – characteristics:

  • adapted basis weight.
  • cut boxes are available in natural (brown), white and personalized printed colours.
  • also known as die-cut boxes
  • prepared with corrugated cardboard cut-outs.
  • because of their construction – they are easy to fold, have a full bottom and do not require a lot of tape for closing.

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