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Shipping cartons for the e-commerce industry

Everything you need to implement our proprietary ESA packaging principle. By choosing to work with Naturepak, you are going for:
E – ecological solutions for the e-commerce industry
S – safe preparation for transport
A – aesthetic packaging of the product.

Who needs automated packaging?

Are you a representative of the fast-growing e-commerce sector? Do you focus on products of the highest quality? Do you care about customer satisfaction in each individual element of their purchasing process? Let Naturepak be the one to ensure that every shipment involves receiving a package that causes a “WOW effect” from the first glance. Our cartons become the aesthetic protection of your unique product. They protect what is hidden under the cover of the cardboard protection.

Made to measure solutions:

  • start-up e-commerce sellers.
  • thriving e-commerce businesses.
  • online shops with a focus on environmental protection.
  • factories that rely on domestic products and materials.
  • proponents of zero waste and less waste.

Packaging station optimization

Do you need optimization at your packing stations? Making it easier for your customers to unpack with perforations and tear strips is important to you? Do you experience returns and need a second self-adhesive closure? Do you need printing for better visual identification of your brand? Do you have non-standard sizes for shipping your items? All these aspects are not a challenge for Naturepak. You couldn’t have come to a better place.

We stand up to the challenge by providing top-of-the-range e-commerce automated cartons.

We will tailor a suitable solution, considering the type of product to be shipped, its shape, weight and other relevant technical aspects. We offer made-to-measure cartons from all commercially available paper types such as Kraft, Semikraft or Testliner, as well as 3-layer, 5-layer and 7-layer corrugated cardboard in various waves.

Naturepak is more than just cartons or paper. It is a comprehensive offer, created from start to finish using environmentally friendly materials. Cartons manufactured in Poland will be delivered straight to your company’s door. Do you need additional proof of the quality of our products? Ask for a presentation, tests or receive samples.

  • packaging with automatic bottom, two glue paths, tear-off ribbon, fastest folding.
  • usually made of three-layer cardboard, wave B.
  • possibility for the customer to use the original packaging for returns without the use of adhesive tape (due to the second glue strip).
  • possibility to use cardboard as returnable packaging.
  • convenient and safe way of ecological packaging.
  • customization possible – we will adapt the packaging to any dimensions and fit it into InPost parcel machines or postal vending machines. We will carry out the imprint so that you can build a strong brand step by step and surround your customers with the visual identity of your company.

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