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Envelopes available in all types, designs and colours

We have all kinds, types and colours of envelopes available. If you are looking for a supplier of business envelopes in standard and non-standard sizes, you couldn’t have come to a better place!

Naturepak’s primary goal is to protect the environment while meeting the expectations of our customers. We will ensure the availability of envelopes in selected dimensions, types and colours.

Naturepak will take care of your company’s visual identification – we will place your company’s logotype, advertising slogan or other text and graphic elements which will fulfil the aesthetic and advertising function on selected products.

Envelope types available:

  • Eco-friendly bubble envelopes are A to Z envelopes made of paper. They are the answer to the need to protect products during the shipping process, while being an alternative to plastic bubble envelopes. We present a series of certified envelopes that are completely free of plastic. The most common base component of bubble envelopes is the foil inside. We have managed to find a way to make shipping not only safe and comfortable, but also without any negative impact on the environment. The eco-friendly bubble envelopes are ready to be recycled entirely. The durability of the envelopes is ensured by being made from 6 layers of strong, uncoated paper. This makes them an ideal alternative to traditional paper envelopes due to their high level of resistance to damage of their contents. The interior of the eco-friendly bubble envelopes is made of a flexible double protective layer made of a specially embossed 100g bubble paper insert. The layer absorbs shocks, prevents indentation and stiffens the envelope. Environmentally friendly bubble envelopes are extremely lightweight, which affects the final cost of mailing.
  • Expanded envelopes – we divide expanded envelopes into two types. The first is an envelope with expanded sides and the second is one that has both sides and bottom expanded. Expanded envelopes are dedicated to sending more documents. When placed inside the mail piece, the sides or sides and bottom expand, increasing the capacity of the envelope by several times.
  • Standard envelopes – a full range of standard envelope sizes available, tailored in terms of paper type, format, closure method, paper weight, colour, overprint, overprint pattern and window size and placement.
  • Printed envelopes – with Naturepak you can use the envelope space to produce a durable and aesthetically pleasing print. Envelopes are one of the products that are ideal for extending your company’s promotional activities and popularizing your brand identity. We provide a comprehensive range of envelopes with the option of offset or flexographic printing.

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