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Expandable envelopes

Ecological expandable envelopes are divided into two types. The first is an envelope with expanded sides and the second one is that has both sides and bottom expanded.

Expanded envelopes are dedicated to sending more documents. When placed inside the mail piece, the sides or sides and bottom are expanded, increasing the capacity of the envelope by several times.

Envelopes with expanded sides available 


EnvelopeSize in mm g/m2Quantity per packQuantity per pallet
C5 HK RB white162x229x25 120      125  20 000
C5 HK RB brown162x229x25130      125 20 000
C4 HK RB white324x229x25120125 12 500
C4 HK RB white324x229x25140      125 12 500
C4 HK RB brown324x229x25115      125 12 500
C4 HK RB brown324x229x25120      125 12 500
C4 HK RB brown324x229x25130      125 12 500


Envelopes with expanded sides and bottom available 


EnvelopeSize in mm g/m2Quantity per packQuantity per pallet
C4 HK RBD white229x324x381302507 500
C4 HK RBD brown229x324x38130      2507 500
B4 HK RBD white250x353x381302507 500
B4 HK RBD brown250x353x381302507 500
E4 HK RBD white280x400x401502504 500
E4 HK RBD brown280x400x401502504 500


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