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Paper adhesive tapes – ecological carton protection

Using paper tapes is another step towards protecting the environment, by implementing biodegradable and recyclable products in the logistics process.

Paper tapes are an ideal alternative to traditional plastic tapes, made of PP or PVC. At Naturepak, you can also order eco-friendly printed paper tapes to ensure your brand identity.

Types of paper tapes

Paper tapes, eco-friendly packaging solutions, include traditional paper tapes with natural (solvent) or synthetic (hotmelt) rubber-based adhesive, available in various lengths and widths. Gummed paper tapes with a water-activated starch-based ecological adhesive are also a popular choice.

Eco-friendly paper tapes can be personalized with an imprint, ensuring the best possible reproduction of the design, including shapes, colours or colour saturation.

Naturepak also offers dispensers for ecological paper tapes. With their help, you will take care of the ergonomics at your workplace and make it easier to use them at the packing stage.

Paper tapes

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Gummed paper tapes

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Paper tape dispenser

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Gummed paper tape dispenser

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